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The bucket teeth are forged, not casting. They are used for a wide range of excavators, for example, Komatsu, Daewoo, Caterpillar, Volvo, Kobelco, Hyundai, etc.

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Forging is a kind of method which uses a forging machine to press the metal blank to make it produce plastic deformation and obtain a certain mechanical property, shape, and size. Forging can eliminate the defection of as-cast loose during the metallurgy process and improve the microstructure. The mechanical property of forging bucket teeth is generally better than that of the same material of casting bucket teeth because forging craftsmanship can keep the intact metal streamline.

How can I extend the wear life of my bucket teeth?

Matching the correct tooth to your application can significantly reduce wear rates and increase the ease of digging. This results in faster cycle time, less fuel consumption, and reduced downtime.
Rotating your bucket teeth can help you determine wear patterns and increase productivity. Teeth located closer to the bucket corner often wear down faster. If your bucket is loaded on an angle regularly, then teeth will wear quicker on the leading side.

Tungsten Coating is a protective covering on wear surfaces that dramatically reduces erosion, abrasion, and corrosion. It can be used for several applications, including high abrasion and moderate impact uses. Having this coating on your bucket teeth and other wear parts can have a big impact on operational costs by lasting longer and increasing the productivity of your machine.

Product parameter

Model Number DH220TL DH220RC DH300RC DH 330TL DH360TL DH360RC
Certification ISO9001  
Weight 5.2KG 6KG 8.6KG 6KG 10KG 12.1KG
Model 2713-1217TL 2713-1217 2713-1219 2713-1219 2713-00032 2713-00032
Material 42CrMo  
Hardness / 47-54HRC 47-54HRC 47-52HRC 47-54HRC 47-54HRC
Process Forging  
Cavity size 76*74*111 76*74*111 83*81*124 83*81*124 95*92*138 95*92*138


Q: Can you make according to customers’ special requirement?
A: Yes, we can produce according to customers’ requirements.

Q: How is your product price?
A: We give you factory prices with very good quality products.

Q: How can we guarantee the quality?
A: we always make a pre-production sample before produce the order, always make the final Inspection before shipment goods.

Q: Can you make products with our brand?
A: yes, we are welcome to cooperate as a customized service, and OEM/ODM is welcome.

Q: What services can you provide?
A: 1.One-year warranty, free replacement for broken ones with abnormal wear life.
2. Supply ODM/OEM service.
3.Provide online technical support to our customers.

Q: What’s products can your factory provide?
A: We can provide bucket teeth, rock drilling bits, and blacksmith tongs.

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