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Bucket Teeth Purchase


(The Difference Between Cast Bucket Teeth and Forged Bucket Teeth)

Although bucket teeth are small parts of excavators, the price is not expensive, but they can’t be replaced. Bucket teeth generally have cast bucket teeth and forged bucket teeth. Generally, forged bucket teeth are more wear-resistant and harder, and their service life is 2 times more than the cast, the price is about 1.5 times more than the cast bucket teeth.

What is casting: The method of pouring liquid metal into a casting cavity suitable for the shape of the part, and waiting for it to cool and solidify, to obtain the part or blank is called casting.
Castings produced by this process are prone to pores to form poroid, and their mechanical properties, wear resistance, and the service life is lower than forgings. The price of cast bucket teeth is also lower. Except for the texture, when the liquid metal is poured, there will be an extra part of the side of the cast bucket tooth where the liquid metal enters.

What is forging: Forging bucket teeth use forging machinery to apply pressure to special metal blanks, extruding and forming at high temperature, refine the crystal material in the forging, and make it plastically deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties. The metal can be processed after forging. Improving its organizational structure can ensure that the forged bucket teeth have good mechanical properties, more wear-resistant, and have a longer service life.

Suggestions on the maintenance and service life of excavator bucket teeth

1. During the use of excavator bucket teeth, the outermost tooth of the bucket wears 30% faster than the innermost tooth. After some time, the inside and outside of the bucket teeth must be exchanged.
2. The excavator driver should pay attention to the digging angle during operation, try to master it when digging, and when the bucket teeth are digging down perpendicular to the working surface, avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.
3. Be careful not to swing the excavating arm left and right under the condition of large resistance so that it is easy to break the bucket teeth and gear seat due to excessive force on the left and right sides, not considered the left and right forces.
4. The wear of the tooth seat is also very important to the service life of the bucket teeth. It is recommended to replace the tooth seat after the tooth seat is worn out by 10%. There is a large space of wear between the tooth seat and the bucket tooth. The clearance changes the fit between the bucket teeth and the tooth seat and the point of stress, and the bucket tooth breaks due to the change of the point of stress.
5. The driving method of the excavator driver is also very important to improve the utilization of bucket teeth. The excavator driver should try not to retract the bucket when lifting the large arm. The operation should pay special attention to the coordination of the action. Some excavator drivers often use too much force to throw the bucket on the rock during the action of expanding the large arm and sending the small arm. This will break the bucket teeth or cracks and break the large and small arms.

bucket teeth purchase

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