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Diamond Drill Bits For Mining

The extreme hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity of diamond make it an ideal cutting tool material. However, individual diamond crystals cleave quite easily when struck parallel to certain planes (the process used to facet diamond gemstones takes advantage of these relatively weak planes). As a result, individual diamond crystals do not make good cutting tools—unless they are meticulously oriented.

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Diamond sintering overcomes the problem of weak planes in diamond gemstones by bonding a mass of small diamond particles onto a larger, coherent structure. Sintered diamond provides greater toughness and durability than single crystals because the individual crystals in a sintered body are randomly oriented. This prevents cracks from propagating along the weak planes where traditional diamond crystals cleave most easily. Sintered diamonds also provide more uniform wear than a single crystal, while maintaining similar thermal conductivity and hardness properties. All of these factors combine to make sintered diamond the preferred material for cutting rock.

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At us synthetic, the sintering process begins with premium-grade diamond crystals. These crystals are sintered together at temperatures of approximately 1400°C and pressures of around 60 kbar in the presence of a liquid metal catalyst. Typically, the diamond is bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate during the same high-temperature, high-pressure process. This sintered diamond and tungsten carbide composite is known in the industry as a polycrystalline diamond cutter (PDC).

Type Specification(mm) Bit Pressure(Kg) Rotate Speed (rpm)  

Pump Capacity(1/min)

1 Φ28 300-700 300-350 150-200
2 Φ30 300-700 300-350 150-200
3 Φ32 300-700 300-350 150-200
4 Φ48 300-700 300-350 120-160
5 Φ56 320-800 250-350 130-180
6 Φ75 480-1200 200-300 150-200
7 Φ94 640-1600 150-250 200-250
8 Φ110 880-2200 120-200 200-300
9 Φ152 1500-3000 100-200 500-850
10 Φ190 1800-4000 100-200 600-1200
11  Φ230 2200-4500 100-200 750-1400
12 Φ270 2400-5000 100-200 1000-1500


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A: Our company is verified by Alibaba Trade Assurance. Alibaba can guarantee all of you payment.

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A: We always make a pre-production sample before produce the order, always make the final Inspection before shipment.

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A: Yes, all our activities are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and API, both in products and services.

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