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Tri-Wing Bit

Type: Tri-Winged Half Piece, Full Piece
Level: Normal,Enhanced,High Strength (Super)
Product Models: 25,27,28,29,30,32,36,42
Scope of Application: Coal mine support, engineering tunnel, such as small empty diameter rock hole drilling.

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Product Types and Application Range of Diamond Composite Bolt Bit

Product Name Level Type of Diamond Composite Adapted Strata Bit Diameter Common Thread Remark
PDC Two-Wing Anchor Bit Normal Half Piece F≤8  


























Our factory uses two kinds of diamond composite sheets, which are flat sheets and spherical sheets. The flat sheet has fast footage and a complete stratum.

The spherical sheet has strong impact resistance, is not easy to break, and is suitable for crushing and complex stratum.

Full Piece
Enhanced Half Piece F≤10
Full Piece
Super Strength Full Piece(Spherical Sheet) F≤12
High Strength Full Piece(Flat Sheet) F≤12
PDC Three-Wing Anchor Bit Half Piece F≤16 27,28,30,32
Full Piece F≤16 36,42

PDC diamond drill bits have matrix and steel body two types. The specification from 75mm – 660mm. It suits the soft to mid-hard formation. The series of drill bit has advantages of high efficiency, long life, low-cost drilling, and repairability.

PDC hole opener is the guide reamer that uses polycrystalline diamond composite pieces as cutting tools, it is mainly used in mine ventilation holes, geological prospecting and exploration holes, trenchless and deep scientific drilling, or other reaming constructions. The ream blade wing and drill steel body connect with a set of two connecting pins fixed, structural connect reliably without no moving parts, it was also easy to replace worn blade wing, by replacing different specifications blade wing adjustable the reamer diameter. We use good wear resistance, strong erosion, and thermal stability high efficient composite pieces they make the high drilling efficiency and long life advantages. The blade head and gauge section using tungsten carbide alloy that makes wear resistance and protects the gauge well.

Reference Table

Rock The hardness of the category Medium soft Medium Medium Hard Hard Harder Hardest
Drillability Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Platts Hardness F≤10 10<F≤15 15<F≤20
Representative Rock Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Dolomite, Pyrite, Fragile Granite, Shale Granite, Solid Sandstone, Conglomerate, Limestone, Quartz Veins Solid Granite, Quartzite, Basalt, Igneous Rock

Two-wing Anchor Bit

High Strength


Q: Can I trust your company?
A: Our company is verified by Alibaba Trade Assurance. Alibaba can guarantee all of you payment.

Q: How can we guarantee the quality?
A: We always make a pre-production sample before produce the order, always make the final Inspection before shipment.

Q: Can I expect quality products?
A: Yes, all our activities are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and API, both in products and services.

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